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GVPT 105S: Introduction to Political Ethics

Resource guide for GVPT 105S


This guide will help you identify and locate sources for your group writing assignment.

From your syllabus:

A fictional nonprofit organization is concerned about the lack of theoretical knowledge of politics. They fear that voters do not fully understand the nature of political controversies because they only hear from politicians, advocates and the media. They have hired your Discussion Section to write a report demonstrating how the themes and concepts of political theory help to understand the practice of politics.

Each Discussion Section will be divided into groups of 4 (or 5). Each group will select a theme from the course (from the titles of the textbook chapters) and then write a 2700-3000 word report, applying the theories and concepts of the theme to three cases. Each case should be a recent event, controversy, problem, or trend in political or social life. The goal is to create a report that they can be used to advocate for an increase in political theory education for the public.

A bibliography documenting your use in the paper of at least 5 scholarly sources from 5 different authors. You can cite a particular scholar more than once as long as you have at least five different scholars cited overall. You can use the same thinker in multiple cases as long as you use three different scholarly sources in each case and meet the 5 author requirement for the paper overall.


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Judy Markowitz