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What are Citation Managers?

Citation managers are tools that researchers use to:

  1. Keep a record of the research papers read or written.
  2. Collect those papers into working groups
  3. Import citations into a research paper for publication

They are remarkably useful tools that help you collect literature on topics you are researching and cite that literature in your final paper. 

Citation Managers at UMD

Listed below are 3 citation managers that UMD Librarians use and teach. Check out one or all and find the perfect manager for your needs. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

EndNote Online

EndNote Online is a free, cloud based citation manager. EndNote Online allows you to:

  • Manage your libraries from anywhere.
  • Install an add-on word processor that allows you to cite while you write.
  • Allows you to group publications by project/theme.
  • The largest capacity manager, so perfect for BIG projects.


Zotero is another free citation manager that also allows you to cite your sources as your write in a word processor. Using Zotero, you can:

  • Add a Zotero extension to your web browser to capture citations as you browse the web.
  • Manage your citations online.
  • Download a free Zotero stand-alone desktop version.
  • Cite as you write, using the Zotero plug-in for Word.

Once you've installed the web browser extensions, look for the icons pictured below to site the articles and pages you read:

A close up of the Zotero extension in Firefox Web Browser


Mendeley is the free citation project offered by Elsevier. There are helpful features including:

  • Both cloud and standalone/downloadable versions.
  • Word add-on for quick citation and bibliography.
  • Easy citation export from multiple databases.
  • Create groups where researchers can collect and organize citations together.

More Resources

Our Library System has even more information on our Research Guide dedicated to citation managers. Looking for more information? Check it out!