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ARHU 158: Explorations in Arts and Humanities

This guide will assist you in locating resources for ARHU 158:Explorations in Arts and Humanities.

Finding Books in the UMD and other Libraries

This is the basic search box for Worldcat, the best place to identify books and other materials owned by the UM Libraries and other libraries around the world.  Choose the "Worldcat" tab and enter search terms in the box to get started. Don't worry about being too precise at first; you can easily narrow down your results later to books, publication date, etc. You can also click Advanced Search for more precise search options.  

Basic Search Explained

The default sort is Library and Relevance, meaning results held by our library are given first priority and are shown first.  You can change the sort to any other option (Best Match, Recency, Author, Title, Date, etc ).

Use the facets on the left-hand side to limit your results to format (books, articles, etc.) publication date, language, etc. Click on the title of a source to retrieve the full record which gives you more information.




The full record of the item will tell you in which library the source is located, and, for books, whether or not it is checked out and its call number, which you will need to find it on the shelf.  It will also indicate if it is available as an ebook.


Click on the description to find out more about the book such as a summary or table of contents.



Use the links in the upper right hand corner for help citing the source and to email the record.



In the "Description" of the book  you can see the "Subjects" that describe what the book is about. These Subjects, like the ones shown below, can help you find other books on your topic.   Just click on a Subject to retrieve additional books about that topic.