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Great Bookish Bake Off

Welcome to the tent!

On April 15th, 12:30 to 2:00 PM, the Bake Off tent is coming to Hornbake Plaza! Showcase your showstopper against the best UMD's amateur bakers have to offer. The week's challenge: you have to find the recipe in UMD's library collections! Some examples of cookbooks we have in our collection are on the tabs to the left - there are cookbooks in eBook form, on the shelves at McKeldin, and in the archives at Hornbake. We also have some scans of some of the cooler recipes we've found! 
Compete to be crowned UMD's Star Baker and receive a $50 gift card to campus dining and cafes. Join host Drew Barker (UMD's very own Performing Arts Librarian) and our judges, the Hornbakers, while we celebrate the delicious things that the libraries have to offer!

Categories and prizes galore!

Contestants will be competing for five prizes:
- Star Baker: The best of the best! This award goes to the most dazzling showstopper in the tent. 
- Judged By Its Cover: This award goes to the baker who brings in the most aesthetically appealing bake. Show off your piping skills, because the judges will be on the look out for something visually stunning!
- Bookworm: This award goes to the person who found a recipe in the murkiest depths of the library collections. 
- Crumbdinger: An award for a delicious bake that is just top-of-the-line scrummy, worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake.
- Whisk Taker: This award is for the baker that's attempted something ambitious, risky, or just plain out there - an architecturally ambitious cake, a Jell-O salad, or something with ingredients no longer appreciated by the 21st century.

The last two of the above will be based on audience votes at the event, so bring your friends for some support and some free food!

Need help finding a cookbook?

Not sure where to start looking for your cookbook? Don't despair! We have a great collection of recipes right here with images of recipes that you can browse if you want to get baking right away. If you prefer to do a bit more of a deep dive, we have a list of examples of physical cookbooks in McKeldin and in Hornbake linked in the sidebar to the left. 


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