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Fearless Teaching Institute

UMD Libraries Fearless Teaching Institute: Always Keep Learning.

guided space to grow

About Workshops

Fearless Teaching Institute Workshops are guided learning opportunities that are organized and led by a library staff member and focus on a specific concept, idea, or set of skills. Workshops can be stand-alone events or offered as a part of a series (such as our "Yes, We Canvas!" series in 2020) and are held throughout the year, typically on Fridays.

Workshops Available for Request

At any point, library staff can request a re-run of a workshop from our archives. Utilize the materials below to brush up on topics from previous workshops, or help you decide which workshop you'd like to request. Although we prefer to run workshops for groups of three or more, don't let that hold you back! Once you submit a request, we'll advertise the workshop to inspire additional participants.

Yes, We Canvas! Series of Mini-Workshops on Creating Content in the LMS Canvas

The Yes, We Canvas! workshop series was conducted in April 2020. These 30-minute workshops scaffold concepts from creating basic content in Canvas through a module - to sharing content with faculty.