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Architecture: Design Research

This guide covers how to identify relevant and reliable sources for research, how to navigate online and in-person resources at the University of Maryland, and how to cite sources within a research product.


Other relevant databases include: 

Using Databases

Once you get into a database, take some time to explore the various search options, play with drop-down menus, and figure out what features will be useful to you.

To refine your search, some helpful limiters include: 

  • Academic "scholarly" journals
  • Publication date
  • Language
  • Subject Thesaurus Term

Databases do not rank search results by popularity, so try different keyword combinations. To search using multiple keywords, use Boolean operators:

  • AND (searches for both terms)
  • OR (searches for either word)
  • AND NOT (excludes the following word from search)
  • "....." (searches for words within the quotes as a phrase)
  • * (in the place of a suffix, searches for all possible word endings)

From many databases, you can export your chosen results list directly to a bibliographic citation manager; if not, you can e-mail it to yourself. Citation managers can also help you format your citations into the right style for a bibliography and insert them into your paper as you compose. Be careful using "Cite" buttons that generate automatic citations. These are not always correct! 

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