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LGBT Studies

Research guide to LGBT Studies

LGBT 350 - Additional Information

use WorldCat, the catalog to locate books on storytelling / personal narratives. 
Some keywords to use:

"personal narratives"
"narrative  interviews"
"narrative interviews"  gay


Use the databases and possible search strategies:

storytelling or "personal narrative*"
lgbt or gay or lesbian* or homosexual* or transgender


Ebscohost search storytelling and lgbt or gay

To locate articles on students and stress and academic achievement or more broad how stress affects students, use the education and psychology databases.

Some sample search strategies:
stress and "college student*" and "academic achievement"
stress and "college student*" and ("academic achievement" or "academic performance" or "academic success")
stress and (lgbt or gay or homosexual or lesbian or transgender) and "college student*"


Ebsco Search Stress College Students