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3D Printing at UMD Libraries

Using the 3D printers

Below are the policies created for requesting 3D prints in the libraries. These policies have been adapted from Oregon State University.

  • The cost of printing is $0.20/gram and users will be charged through university IDs or library copy cards. Sufficient funds are required to pick up 3D prints.
  • The libraries will reimburse or reprint objects in instances of printer or file errors on the library's part.
  • Errors caused by the user, such as corrupted files or improper file formats, unusual objects and other unforeseen issues, will not be reimbursed or reprinted. If you need help with your 3D file, please contact or for assistance.
  • Files must be in .stl file format and submitted with the users request.
  • Builds exceeding five hours duration will need to be assessed by library staff.
  • Items will be available for pick up at the STEM Library information desk.
  • Items must be picked up by the user who submitted the request. Users must have their university ID card to receive and pay for their item(s).
  • Items must be picked up in 30 days from the time of completion. After 30 days, unwanted prints will be discarded. 
  • Print jobs are currently on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the uncertain nature of 3D printing, we cannot guarantee prints will be completed by a specific time. 
  • Library 3D printers must be used only for lawful purposes. Items that are prohibited by local, state or federal law; are unsafe, dangerous, or poses a threat to others; are obscene and inappropriate; or violate intellectual property rights will not be printed.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.