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3D Printing at UMD Libraries

Submitting Your Request


In order to submit your request for a print job, you will need to have a file of the 3D model you want to print in .stl format. Select the printer that works for your project and we will let you know when your object is ready for pick up. Slight imperfections, such as the small indents and rough edges at the base of an object are to be expected.

You will need to have money on your ID or copy card to pay for the item. Money can be added to IDs and copy cards at the copy card ATMs located in McKeldin and STEM Library. To add money to your university ID card online with a credit card, visit the Terrapin Express website.

Cost: $0.20/gram 

3D Printing at McKeldin

McKeldin Libraries John and Stella Graves MakerSpace no longer provides 3D printing services based off a submission form. The JSG MakerSpace now hosts an educational model in order to expose the campus community to "hobby" style 3D printers that they may be exposed to in the everyday world.  The intention is that after training our patrons, they will be coming to the space and taking a participatory role in 3D printing. 

Please email and inquire as to how to start 3D printing in the MakerSpace. We will ask you to watch a few preparatory videos before setting up a 30-50 minute in-person training session.

If you have questions, please call the MakerSpace at (301)405-9340 or email

3D Printing at STEM Library

3D printing is now available at STEM Library! Use this form if you would like to pick up your item at STEM Library.

Jobs sent to STEM Library should be configured for single extruder printing only.

If you have questions, call the STEM Library information desk at (301)405-9157 or email at