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3D Printing at UMD Libraries

3D Printing Software

There are many different programs you can use to make your own 3D model or to alter a pre-existing model's file. Just make sure that the software you chose can exports files in the STL format or that you install an extension that will allow to create files in this format.

Below is a list of free design software:

  • SketchUp: Includes both free and pro software options. To import/export STL files, download the SketchUp STL extension 
  • Blender: Free and opensouce modeling and animation software. Add the 3D Print Toolbox to set up files for printing.
  • OpenSCAD: Free software designed for CAD. 
  • FreeCAD:Free and open source parametric modeling software.

There are many free and for-purchase software programs for you to use. A more complete list of free softwares can be found at

Free 3D Models from Around the Web

Don't want to make your own model? There are many websites that host files of 3D objects that you can print. Here are some of these websites:

  • Thingiverse: From Makerbot. You can find objects to print or modify yourself. 
  • 3D Warehouse: From SketchUp. Seach for files created with SketchUp's software.
  • My Mini Factory: Unique and original 3D files with detailed instructions on printing files.

There are many places around the web where you can download 3D model files. A list of more webistes, including the ones above, can be found at