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JOUR282 - Beyond Facebook: How Social Media are Transforming Society, Business, Culture and Politics

Resources to support Journalism 289F

Option One - Using the Single Search Box And Advanced Search Features

The first option to search for news, and one that will allow you the most control over your search, is to use the Advanced Search function, and then select News from the "specific content" list.

You can enter a string of search terms in the search box either as individual terms, or using advanced search tools such as proximity or truncation:


Then you may :

  • Limit your search by date
  • Search for a specific source or limit to a specific type of material
  • Use Search Connectors and Commands to refine and narrow your search. [Note: Detailed information on connectors and commands can be found here.]

Finding Charts, Tables, Photos and Graphs

LexisNexis is full-text but does NOT contain charts, tables, graphs or photographs. Articles that originally had these items included within them will indicate this at the end of the record:

Lexis Chart, Table, Image Removed Screenshot

To view graphics such as charts, tables or graphs - you will need to locate the full-text of the original article. One way to do so is to check WorldCat UM for the name of the newspaper, and locate and view the original in print or microfilm.

Another option is to search for the publication and article of interest in ProQuest Historical Newspapers (linked below):