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HESP403 - Introduction to Phonetic Science

Guide to Library resources to support research for the research assignment in HESP 403.

Science Citation Index (Web of Science)

Science Citation Index (Web of Science) is a multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the sciences. It indexes more than 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines. It is the best database for finding what papers have cited other papers. Cited references can be traced forward in time.

Science Citation Index - Sample Searches

The strength of Science Citation Index is its ability to trace literature forward. To see if a particular work is included and has been cited by others, search by Author and Publication Name:

Although it is not as effective as other search tools (such as LLBA or PsycInfo), it is possible to search Science Citation Index (Web of Science) by topic. To do this, enter one or two terms in the search boxes and select Topic:

Science Citation Index - Results Screen

Note the following information on items displayed in your results list:

If necessary, refine your results taking advantage of the facets available on the left-hand side of your results screen:

Science Citation Index - Sample Record

Click on a desired article title on your results list to see the full record available and links to articles that cite it.

(IMPORTANT REMINDER: Science Citation Index only INDEXES the articles selected - it does NOT include full-text. To locate the full-text, use the Find it button located at the top of the entry.)