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ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Research guide for ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

To determine how the installation of LED lights and other energy saving devices impacts the carbon footprint of specific facilities operated by Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Search strategies:
("light-emitting diode" OR "light-emitting") AND ("carbon footprint*" OR "net zero carbon")

Note: Do not use "LED" as this will search for the word "led" and not the acronym.

Quotes around a phrase tell a database to look for that exact phrase
The * allows for variations Examples:

  • footprint* = footprint or footprints
  • emit* = emit or emits or emitting or emitter or emitted

Google can limit documents to:

  • government when you type site:gov
    • returns federal/state/municipal/local government and government-sponsored research
  • academic institutions when you type site:edu

For example: "air pollution" site:gov

For additional information on searching, see the Search Strategies tab on this guide.

Databases provide full text or abstract collections that cover a specific topic or topics. They are like Google Scholar, but more focused on a subject. The databases listed below will help you find more valuable information.

Google Scholar is search engine, not a database. It does not support advanced search functions or search strategies. It's good for finding individual citations, but less good for conducting research.

Not every calculator is created equally. Which is right for PG County?