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ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Research guide for ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy
  1. To create an informational packet specifically designed for residents of Riverdale Park about best practices for stormwater management, including educational materials to help residents to understand flooding impacts and how they can adapt and mitigate them.
  2. To investigate best practices for achieving equity in affordable housing policy as it pertains to stormwater management in Riverdale Park.

An animated map showing flooding in one philadelphia neighborhood.

Search strategies:
(stormwater OR "stormwater management" OR "modern stormwater management" OR "urban flood*") AND ("Social justice" OR "environmental justice" OR "environmental injustice")

Note: Keywords are different ways of saying the same thing. String keywords together with "OR" to broaden your search. Use "AND" to narrow your search.

How can you make this local? If you use "PG County" OR "Prince Georges County" OR "Maryland", do you get any results?

Quotes around a phrase tell a database to look for that exact phrase
The * allows for variations Examples:

  • injustice* = injustice or injustices
  • flood* = flood or flooding or floods

Google can limit documents to:

  • government when you type site:gov
    • returns federal/state/municipal/local government and government-sponsored research
  • academic institutions when you type site:edu

For example: "air pollution" site:gov

For additional information on searching, see the Search Strategies tab on this guide.

Use the search strategy you developed above in most of the databases list below. Note that Google Scholar does not recognize Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), and so will not recognize your strategy.