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Library Resources for GVPT Students

guide to government & politics research

Do you have to write a research paper and you have to use scholarly journal articles? Do you need reliable statistics? Do you need to find public opinion polls? Do you need a book that is checked out? Do you need help with citing your references properly? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then please explore this guide.

If you do not want to look and feel like this,

Bart Simpson yelling

save yourself some time and stress! Use this guide and then be sure to email Judy ( with any questions you have concerning library research and services.

Keep Calm Get Organized

Research is not a simple linear process; it is a complex and challenging set of tasks. It becomes easier if you break down the process into manageable steps:

  • Get Organized
  • Develop a Topic
  • Research Resources
  • Evaluate Findings
  • Organize and Cite Your Research

Plan ahead: 

  • Researching and writing a good paper requires time, planning and creativity
  • Start early to avoid stress
  • You may be competing with hundreds of others for the same materials
  • Do not be surprised if your research takes unexpected twists and turns

Take clear notes: 

  • From the start, keep accurate notes of where you find information
  • When you find a relevant source, record the complete citation immediately;
  • Later it will be difficult to retrace your steps to find these details
  • Eventually you will need to accurately cite all sources in your bibliography

Know the assignment: 

  • Understand the requirements and goals of the assignment
  • Unsure? Ask your instructor to clarify
  • From time to time, review the assignment parameters to make sure you are on track

Library Award for Undergraduates