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William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

A guide to resources on William Morris available in Special Collections at Hornbake Library.

Non-Kelmscott Ephemera

NOTE: These items can be found at the call number [Rare Oversize Z232.M87 U55 ephemera] in the Morris Collection binder or oversize box. Highlighted titles link to digital copies.

  • Agency of the University Libraries. Receipt made out to Messrs. J.&J. Leighton, for four copies of Kelmscott Press edition of Syr Perceyville of Gales. Dated May 3, 1895.

  • (Agency of the University Libraries). Receipt for 8 copies of Kelmscott Press publications. Dated July 29, 1897.

  • British Museum. Receipt made out to Messrs. J.&J. Leighton, on behalf of Mr. William Morris, for 1 copy of the Kelmscott Press edition of Shelley's Poetical Works, vol.2.

  • Morris & Company. Morris Wall-papers by Morris & Company Ltd....London, W. and Merton Abbey, Surrey. Decoration. N.p., n.d. A brochure, describing various wall-papers, with illustrations and prices. (oversize box).

  • Invitation to View a Tapestry, April 1890.

  • Announcement that "Morris and Company caution their friends against being misled by firms trading under the name of William Morris..." 2 copies.

  • The Fabian Society. Announcement for a lecture by William Morris entitled "Gothic Architecture." May 2 (1890).

  • (Morris, William. The Story of Gunnlaug the worm-tongue and Raven the Shald). Single printed page of the Chiswick Press edition of this story. 1891. Only 75 copies of the book were printed, just before the start fo the Kelmscott Press. The type is copied from one of Caxton's.

  • Rosetti. Hand and Soul (facsimile of frontispiece).

  • "A Visit of the Workers' Educational Association of Kelmscott Manor." Four-page leaflet, printed in the Kelmscott Press "Golden" type. July 15, 1916.

  • Morris, William. "My Dear Smith." Letter written by Morris, February 24 (1887). San Francisco: the Scenic Road Press, 1980. Two hundred copies of a letter from the Berger Collection, printed for the Roxburghe/Zamorano Club. [Walsdorf #200].

  • Morris, William. "Dear Sir As You See." Letter written by Morris, no year. (Lake Oswego, Oregon): Blackwell North America, 1980. A Season's Greetings card, designed by John Walsdorf for Blackwell North America. With an engraved portrait of Morris by Barry Moser. For the original manuscript of this letter, please see "Correspondence."

  • O'Day, Edward F. "A Morris Keepsake." San Francisco: Zellerback Paper Company, 1927. A keepsake sent out by the Zellerbach Company to friends and patrons, containing text by O'Day, set in the border design that Morris did for the Froissart, of which two trial pages only were printed when Morris died. Printed by John Henry Nash. With a portrait of Morris specially painted by Henry Raschen. [Walsdorf #124] (oversize box).

  • Little Museum of La Miniatura. "Announcing an Exhibition of the Works of William Morris and his Kelmscott Press at La Miniatura." Pasadena, California: Little Museum of La Miniatura, 1929. (oversize box).

  • Mills College, California. "1834-1934. The William Morris Centenary Exhibition." Oakland, California: Mills College, 1934. (oversize box) On exhibition were "drawings, chintzes, wall papers, manuscripts, first editions--a complete series of publications of the Kelmscott Press." Printed by John Henry Nash in Satanick type. (Walsdorf #140).

  • Oberlin College, Ohio. "A Sesquicentenary Salute to William Morris." Oberlin, Ohio: Oberlin College, 1983. An exhibition of Kelmscott Press books and books by and about Morris fromthe collection of John J. Walsdorf.

  • Jeffers, Una. "Journal of our trip to the British Isles, Volume II, June 1929-December 31, 1929." Scenic Road Press, California, 1981. Broadside. Untitled keepsake, combining the text from Una Jeffers' "Journal" describing a visit to the Kelmscott Manor, with the frontispiece depicting the manor house designed by C.M. Gere for News from Nowhere. (Walsdorf #207) (oversize box).

  • The Book Club of California. "A William Morris Broadside Illustrating Two Stages in the Design of the Kelmscott Chaucer." San Francisco: The Grabhorn Press, 1934. The broadside shows the same text from the Chaucer printed in Troy and in Chaucer types. Inlaid is an explanatory "Note on the Design of the Kelmscott Chaucer." (Walsdorf #138) (oversize box).

  • The Basilisk Press. "The Kelmscott Chaucer with a Companion Volume of Burne-Jones Drawings." London: The Basilisk Press, (1974?) Press announcement of the Chaucer facsimile edition. Inlaid a four-page sample of pages from the Chaucer (oversize box).

  • (Kelmscott Press). Sheet of machine-made paper, used as a worksheet to keep tally of the kinds of paper, size, signatures, quantities, etc. for the printing of The Earthly Paradise at the Kelmscott Press. Dated July 1, 1896. This sheet came with the eight-volume set of The Earthly Paradise now in the collection.

  • Original drawing, pen and ink design, for Harry C. Marillier's Kelmscott House book plate, with Kelmscott background and border.

  • New, E.H. Two sheets with 7 and 8 illustrations each of the manor house at Kelmscott, the Red House at Upton and the Morris and Company work sheds at the Merton Abbey.

  • "The Designs of William Morris." San Francisco: Amaranth Press, 1978. A calendar showing designs selected from the archives of Morris & Co. and productions of the Kelmscott Press (oversize box).

  • Moser, Barry. "Wm. Morris." An etching, captioned, signed, and numbererd (33/50) by the artist. No date (oversize box).

  • Morris, William. "The Message of the March Wind." Madison, New Jersey: Golden Hind Press, 1938. A broadside, with the text from Morris' The Pilgrims of Hope. With a drawing by Elizabeth Shippen Green. (Walsdorf #148) (Map case-Printing ephemera drawer).

  • Specimen printed on the original Kelmscott Press watermarked paper. Printed at the Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge, 1974. No.29 of 52 copies. The paper, watermarked with three leaves and flowers between W and M, is "probably some of the last made for Kelmscott Press by Joseph Batchelor and Sons." (oversize box).

  • Sparling, H. Halliday. "On the Nature of Inspiration," from The Kelmscott Press and Wm. Morris Master Craftsman. Northampton, Massachusetts: Gehenna Press, 1962 (framed and hung in curator's office).

  • 1987 Calendar of Designs from the William Morris Collection (oversize box).

  • Files relating to the publication of The Kelmscott Press Golden Legend (UMCP and Yellow Barn Press, 1990).

  • Advertising circular of Frank Hollings announcing availability of Kelmscott Press books. Removed from UM Libraries copy of H. Buxton Forman's The Books of William Morris London: Frank Hollings, 1897.