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The Bible, Literature and Literary Criticism

his guide points to resources which treat the Bible as literature.

Versions of the Bible

Note that texts of the Bible usually have uniform titles, which can be searched by title browse, in this form:

Bible. N. T.
Bible. N.T. Gospels. English. Authorized.
Bible. N.T. Catholic Epistles.
Bible. O.T.
Bible. O.T. Apocrypha. Judith. Greek.
Bible. O.T. English
Bible. O.T. English. Authorized.
Bible. O.T. English. New King James.
Bible. O.T. Zephaniah. English. Berlin. 1994.

The uniform title gives Bible, part of the Bible, language of the text, name of the version, translator, or reviser, and the year of the edition.

Parallel Bible

A parallel Bible provides easy comparison of translations.

Some print Bibles

For Hebrew Bibles, browse under call numbers BS715.  Do a SERIES browse for Soncino books: SONCINO BOOKS OF THE BIBLE.

Multi-volume editions of the biblical text with commentaries

Modern Jewish Editions of the Bible including Translations and Commentaries

These have rapidly become the most popular of the "traditional" or "Orthodox" English translations to the bible, used widely in traditional synagogues throughout the United States and Canada. They form a useful introduction to how the bible is read in a certain segment of the community. It is often quite enlightening to compare the "Art Scroll" translations to others and to deduce the pressures on the editors.

CD-Rom editions

Most CD-Rom materails are available for use only in the Libraries.  If the item's location is "McKeldin Library Reference Media Cabinet" please come to the Reference desk on the first floor of McKeldin and ask for them there.  It will be very helpful if you have call number handy for the item you need to provide to the Reference desk staff.