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ENSP 330: Introduction to Environmental law

research guide for ENSP 330


When looking for cases, it is best to search by the citation because you go directly to the case.

Environmental imageIf you have the citation for the case, enter it in the big space labeled Search:

883 F.3d 1173

Searching by case name, usually retrieves many more results which will not be relevant. In addition, how the words are entered (with or without quotes, for example) will change the results.




Getting Documents:  You can download, print, email, send to Dropbox 
Look for the symbols at the top of the results page
Nexis Uni Print Mail...


Search strategies similar to the strategies for locating news and law reviews:
and / or
/p = words have to be within the same paragraph
/s = within the same sentence 

limit words appearing in specific sections:

Are federal agencies required to take the social cost of carbon (SCC) into account during analysis of federal projects under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)?

Some possible search strategies:
NEPA /p "social cost of carbon"
NEPA /p "social cost of carbon" /p analysis
opinion(NEPA /p "social cost of carbon" /p analysis)

Do the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Santa Maria Water District have the discretion to release water from the Twitchell Dam to avoid take of endangered Southern California Steelhead?

"twitchell dam" /p "southern California Steelhead"

Search Document:
bureau of reclamation

Nexis Uni Case Search Strategy NEPA  Social Cost of Carbon


Once in the case, also check out Other Citing Sources for Related Court Materials, Documents, Law Reviews, Regulations...
Nexis Uni Cases Results NEPA Social Cost of Carbon


Google Scholar - click on Case law

key word/s
can use quotes
limit results by date

"migratory bird treaty act" incidental
president "national monument*" authority reduce size

To answer the question:

Do the plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States have standing to bring their claims against the United States for harm associated with climate change?

sample search strategy:
"Juliana v. United States" climate

Google Scholar Case Law Search "juliana v. United States" climate


Google Scholar Search Results


Climate Case Chart is a website run by Columbia University and clearly describes cases and claims. Federal, state, and constitutional claims related to climate are all considered. 

an image of climate cases from the Columbia University Website