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English & American Literature

This guide will help you locate resources for the study of English and American literature. The emphasis is on material available in the University of Maryland Libraries, but some Internet sources are also included.

Search WorldCat UMD

Search Worldcat for books of criticism on your author by using the search strategies below. Many books will collect essays on various topics related to an author, so check the tables of contents and indexes of the books for references to specific works, characters, themes, etc.

From the Libraries home page, enter the name of your author and the word "criticism," as shown below.

If you retrieve too many results try using the SU: prefix to search for your words in the Subjects part of the record



This search will retrieve a mix of book, article, media, archival, and other sources. Use the format limiters on the left side to narrow your search to just books.


By clicking on the Title of a book and then Description,  you can see the Subjects that describe what the book is about. These Subjects, like the ones shown below, can help you find other books on your topic.   Just click on a Subject to retrieve additional books about that topic.  For more info on using Subject Headings for literary research, see About Subject Headings.