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GVPT 241: The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern Fall 2021

Course guide for GVPT 241

Search Strategies

A search strategy uses keywords to describe the concepts of your research topic or question.

Some search tips:


Place phrases in quotes so the whole phrase is searched, not the individual words 
"freedom of speech"
"negative liberty"
"positive liberty"
"face covering*"
"state power"

Use an * for truncation to retrieve various endings of the root word
mandat* = mandate or mandates or mandatory
libert* = liberty or liberties
mask* = mask or masks
requir* = require or requires or requirement


Use -or- between search terms, the database will search for any of them. This is useful because there are usually be multiple ways to refer to your topic/concept or when any of the words will do:

"positive liberty" or "negative liberty"
mandat* or requir*
"state power" or government


Use -and- between search concepts, the database will only show you search results that contain those search terms.

mandat* and mask* and liberit*
"state power" and mandat* and libert*


Putting it all together:

"state power" or government
and libert*

mandat* or requir*
mask* or "face covering*"