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GVPT 241: The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern Fall 2021

Course guide for GVPT 241


This guide will help you identify and locate sources for your essay assignment.

From your syllabus:

Are mask mandates a restriction of liberty? If so, are mask mandates nonetheless a legitimate exercise of state power?

In order to address the first question, you must articulate your own theory of liberty, and then argue how it fits into one or more of the 4 main interpretations of liberty (positive, negative, triadic, or republican). If you do think that mandates are a restriction of liberty and you endorse mandates, then you must further justify why limiting this type of liberty is still legitimate. If you do not endorse mandates, then you must make an argument for why this use of state power is not legitimate. For each argument, you must use at least one piece of textual evidence.

NOTE: this is a political theory paper, not a legal one. So citing the law or the Constitution as your reasoning is not sufficient.

Your essay must be formatted using MLA style (Links to an external site.), and be between 700 - 1000 words, excluding bibliography or quotes. It must also make use of at least 3 scholarly sources from the bibliographies of the text chapter, and the other sources we read in weeks 2 and 3. The textbook cannot be a source. You are welcome to use non-scholarly sources (news stories, reports, blog posts, etc...), but only in addition to 3 scholarly sources. All sources must be listed in the bibliography.


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