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Contemporary Chinese Art and Film

For courses taught by Dr. Jason Kuo

Find newspaper articles - ONLINE

Factiva - Full-text access to over 8,000 business sources including national and international newspapers, magazines, wire services, web sites and industry (trade) sources. The example newspapers are: The Wall Street Journal Chinese edition, Dow Jones Newswires in Chinese. [Full-text] [Chinese/English] 

Hong Kong Old Newspaper Themed Collection - A collection of major old newspapers from Hong Kong to the present.  The example newspapers are: 香港工商日報, 香港華字日報, and Hong Kong Daily Press. [Full-text] [Chinese/English]

Nexis Uni - Nexis Uni provides full-text to news, business, and legal information. Newspapers date back to the 1970s.  Example newspapers that may be useful for Chinese Studies are: China Insight, China Law & Practice, China Pictorial, The China Post, China Today, and Asia Times - China.  [Full-text] [English]