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GEMS100: Fall 2020

​​​​​​Questions to Consider While Reading

  • What is the goal of this research?
  • What techniques/methods are used?
  • What is the theoretical framework?
  • What are the underlying assumptions?
  • What are the limitations of this research within its own framework (i.e, quantitative or qualitative)?
  • What are the limitations of this research outside of its own framework?
  • How is the research presented, displayed, organized?

Evaluating Quantitative Research

Cuncic, A. (2020). Understanding internal and external validity. VeryWell Mind. 

  • Describes internal and external validity, including threats to validity. Use these criteria to assess the structure and generalizability of quantitative research

Evaluating Qualitative Research

Stenfors, T., Kajamaa, A., & Bennett, D. (2020). How to…assess the quality of qualitative research. The Clinical Teacher

  • Defines credibility, confirmability, dependability, transferability, and reflexivity. Use these criteria to assess the credibility and quality of qualitative research