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Get It Done Guide to Undergraduate Research

Got a research assignment coming up? We're here to help.

Troubleshooting Access

Help! I can't access my article.

Paywalls are the worst. We're here for you.

Install the Reload Button and refresh the page reload button

  • Try this first!
  • The Reload Button is a browser bar extension that reloads your article with your UMD login credentials. Just drag and drop into the bookmarks on your browser.

Find @ UMD Find @ UMD

  • If you don't see a full-text option for your article (PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, etc.), click on the red Find @ UMD button. This will search for that article across our collection to see if we have that in our collection or another database.

Accessing newspaper articles behind paywalls

  • If you run out of free articles or into a paywall with a newspaper (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc.), we can check for those articles in our collection. 
  • To check our holdings for a specific newspaper / magazine title, search using the Journal Finder
    • We have access to most popular newspaper articles through databases like NexisUni. Keep in mind that these databases only provide the text of the article, so the formatting might look a little different than it did on the newspaper website.
    • Through the Journal Finder, you'll also see the date ranges for that publication within our collection. If your article is outside those ranges, follow the instructions below to request it from a different library.

Requesting from another library