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PLSC 251 Financial Applications for the Green Industry

An introduction to resources available through the library to help you complete a business plan.


The purpose of this exercise is to provide a means for demonstrating the student’s ability to apply their acquired knowledge of business principles. This project will introduce students to the process of developing a business plan: from the initial point of coming up with a business idea, to doing research, and presenting their concepts. A template will be provided that is utilized by companies to develop proposals for review by loan officers and potential investors. Students will receive feedback on the different sections and given an opportunity to resubmit their final business plan incorporating critique contents for final grading. For this project we will focus on certain sections of a Business Plan. We want to introduce you to the process that goes into the research, development, and launch of your business plan. Although this is a hypothetical situation it allows you to research and become familiar with how to start a business.

Business Plan Sections due:

  • Company Description
  • Industry Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategy and Sales
  • Management and Organization

You will not only be writing a business plan but practicing the art of selling your ideas through media! You will create two videos that will be shared with your class where you will be presenting your company ideas. Your classmates will watch and evaluate your videos. Would they invest in your business? Would you invest in theirs?

Video Presentations due:

  • “Shark Tank” Video Presentation: 2-3 minutes
  • Final Video Presentation: 4-5 minutes

Resources and activities throughout the semester will provide a foundation for the development of the term project these will include:

  • Lectures
  • Knowledge Application exercises: business applications of textbook chapter content
  • Guest lectures
  • Additional Resources
  • UMD Library Guide (this guide!)
  • Terpware: get the software you need!