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PLSC 251 Financial Applications for the Green Industry

An introduction to resources available through the library to help you complete a business plan.

Final Presentation

You have been invited back to present your business idea to the panel of private investors and loan officers. They were curious to learn more after your initial presentation.

First, your group will complete your Business plan by submitting the two final sections:

  • Marketing Strategy & Sales
  • Management and Organization

Then, using all your sections you will prepare for your final pitch. You have been asked to pitch your business through a 4-5 minute video presentation. Using information from your business plan–and some creativity–create a video pitching your business. This is it! How do you get investments?

Length: 4-5 minute video

  • Incorporate all the sections of your business plan. Including the final two sections: Marketing Strategy & Sales and Management and Organization.
  • Set a clear goal – what is it that you are asking from the investors/loan officers and why should they invest in your company?
  • You may use PowerPoint to create your presentation and record your narrative. You are also encouraged to be creative and come up with unique ways of “selling” your business.
  • Along with your final video presentation you must submit a script of your presentation.


  • A video PowerPoint presentation. Please submit both an mp4 or mov file and the original PowerPoint presentation.
  • Script of your final presentation – This must be a separate file (Microsoft Word or PDF). Indicate who was responsible for writing each portion of the script.
    • Your script should also be incorporated into your PowerPoint presentation using the Notes feature.