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Sex on Campus

UMD Archives

University of Maryland Archives


From the introduction of women into a previously all-male student body in 1916, the expulsion of a female student in the 1920s for, among other offenses, greeting gentlemen callers in her bathrobe, the concern over “petting parties” in empty classroom facilities, strict rules of behavior for women, and the move to co-ed dorms in the 1970s to the Diamondback’s annual supplement on sex in College Park, sex on campus, and its related issues, has been the subject of countless discussions and documents preserved in the UMD Archives.The history of the interaction between the sexes and the views of the University of Maryland administration on this topic are documented extensively in the UMD Archives.

Yearbooks, student handbooks, administrative files from such entities as the President’s Office, Board of Regents, and Division of Student Affairs, personal papers from administrators like Adele Stamp and Geary Eppley, student newspapers, scrapbooks, and photographs, among other records, all comment on this important topic.

Photo from Hagerstown Hall, the first co-ed dorm, that appeared in the 1970 yearbook.