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Exporting search results from Google Patents

1. Install Google Scrape from  by dragging the Google Scrape link to your browser toolbar. Use the "Even newer and more awesome" version; LEFT click on the Google Scrape name, and drag it to your browser toolbar 

2.Go to Google Advanced Patent Search at this URL and do the following:

a. Search by words, names or classifications (we recommend CPC; cpclass:[followed by the CPC class no. including /, but without spaces]

b.  Click Search and from the first page of search results, go to your Google search settings by clicking on the gear icon and selecting "Search settings".

c. Turn off "Google Instant predictions"

d. Set Results per page to 100 (Note: there is a weird paging bug in Google. If you don't do the above step 3, you'll get 100 results on the first page, and then 10 results per page after that)

3. Click save and it should return you to your first page of results. Now sort results by "Filing date: oldest"

4. Click Google Scrape on your browser toolbar. A window with tab-delimited text will pop up. Save that as a text file on your computer.

5. Open MS Excel and open the text file. Follow the prompts to import as a tab-delimited file

6. Go to next page of Google Patents search results and repeat 4-6 until all pages are scraped.