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ENG 392: Legal Writing

This guide introduces students in ENG 392 Legal Writing classes to basic legal research using UMD resources.

Helpful Websites and Apps

You'll find that intepreting the citation rules in the Bluebook and ALWD manuals often involves just that--interpretation! If after reading either manual you're still not sure how to read a citation or how to cite something in your written work, you may want to consult one or more of these helpful websites:

Overview of Legal Citation

The proper citation of legal sources is a very important aspect of presenting the results of your legal research in both academic and real-world settings. Professors, lawyers, judges, and others who read your work expect you to cite your work properly in order to assess the strength of your legal arguments. Because legal material is often dense and complicated, figuring out how to cite it can be a challenge--but don't worry, you have plenty of resources to help you!

Legal Citation Systems and Manuals

When tasked with legal writing assignments, students are typically instructed to follow one of two major legal citation systems/styles and stick to it. Each system has its own manual that provides rules and standards for citing different types of legal materials. The McKeldin Library has both the Bluebook and ALWD manuals behind the reference desk for you to use. The Bluebook system is by far the most widely used; the ALWD system is an alternative system that has caught on at many law schools and among many legal professionals.

Helpful Books

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