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PLCY 306: Public Policy Analysis in Action

Research guide for PLCY 306.

Click on Advanced Search
ScienceDirect Click on Advanced Search

first box: 
"gene editing" or "genome editing" or crispr*  CHANGE in from All Fields to Abstract, Title, Keywords
second box: = your country
china   CHANGE in from All Fields to Affiliation

Under refine your search:
de-select books so you are searching only Journals
change date to 2012

Click on Search

ScienceDirect Advanced Search Strategies



You will see an Export button.

Click on the export button, select text under Export file and select content based on your requirements and click export.

Copy paste the result in a notepad and save it. 

ScienceDirect Export Step 1

Open an Excel spreadsheet

Click on the Data tab and click on from text and select the notepad you just saved and click Import. 

ScienceDirect Export Step 2

Under original datatype, select Delimited.

Under file origin scroll down and select 65000: Unicode (UTF-7) and click next.

ScienceDirect Export Step 3

In the window that pops up, check comma under delimiter. Click next,

ScienceDirect Export Step 4

Click finish.

Let the default choice be and click ok. 

ScienceDirect Export Step 5

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