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PLCY 306: Public Policy Analysis in Action

Research guide for PLCY 306.

You will search all the ebscohost databases together. Get into one database such as Academic Search Complete.
Once in the database, click on - choose databases. Then add them all.
Ebscohost choose databases

Ebscohost choose databases all

Use the following search strategy. China is used as the country example for the Author Affiliation - AF - replace china with your assigned country

Box 1 = "gene editing" or "genome editing" or crispr*
Box 2 = AF china

Ebsco search gene editing

Once in results:
Ebscohost gene editing results


Ebsco Gene Editing Search 2012


Within results, click on -  share - that you see in the left side of the screen. Once you click on share, click on the results
folder under Add to Folder.
Ebsco Exporting results step 1

Click on Folder on the top right side and then click on Export. 

Ebsco Export step 2

Click on download CSV and click Save. This begins the download process.

Ebsco Export Step 3

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