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GEOG 130: Developing Countries

Guide to resources for GEOG 130 assignments.

The following sources can be used to locate background information on your country.

Credo Reference:
you can add defining words to your country. So if you were looking for background  information on the agriculture sector in nigeria you could use: nigeria agriculture
In addition, look on the left for links to WorldCat (the catalog for books)

Credo Reference Nigeria Agriculture

Search tips and strategies for worldcat (the catalog for books) and databases. 

example - researching the impact of colonization on Nigeria as it relates to the economy - specifically agriculture.

key concepts:
nigeria              economy                        agriculture                         colonization

Always think of different ways to say the same thing:
economy or business
agriculture or food or crops
colonization or colonialism or colony or colonies or postcolonial

 Develop the strategy:           

Use truncation to retrieve variations of the word = *
crop* = crop or crops

use - or - to connect synonyms                                                              use - and - to connect concepts
agriculture or food or crop*                                                                         nigeria and economy and (agriculture or food or crop*) and 
                                                                                                                    colonization or colonialism or colony

education or literacy                                                                                    colonization and  brazil  and education
politics or government



Use WorldCat to locate books:

Within results, click on the Title and then on Description. The description provides the table of contents and summary (when available). 
Broad search:
education developing countries  (look at the description, if the countries are not listed, go to the book, look in the index)
nigeria colonial legacy

WorldCat Search Nigeria Colonial Legacy


Narrower search
Same search strategies, except if using boolean (AND / OR) they need to be in CAPS 

nigeria economy colonization
nigeria AND economy AND (colonization OR colonialism OR colony OR colonies OR postcolonial)


WorldCat Nigeria Economy Colonization Search Description

Once you identify a book title or two that is appropriate for your research, you can find additional books by following the subject headings listed in the description.

Book title Stepping-stones : memoirs of Colonial Nigeria, 1907-1960
Click on Description and follow the subject heading such as 
Nigeria History 1900 - 1960

Click on Description:
WorldCat Description Link

WorldCat Description Subject Headings

Your assignment: Describe legacies of colonization in your country in at least three sectors (politics, culture, economy, education, demography, religion, or social systems)

Databases are subscription resources that bring together articles and other types of research materials into one place with a sophisticated search engine.

There are many, many databases you can use that provide access to journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, dissertations, and more related to your legacies of colonization sectors.

Access the databases from this guide or from the libraries homepage using the databases tab. You can also browse by subject category.

Many of the databases you will use are from the EbscoHost publisher. 
You can search more than one database at a time by getting into one such as Academic Search Ultimate and then clicking on -
 choose databases.
See the tab: Searching Multiple Databases 
 Possible databases to use, depending on your focus (education, history, health...) but not limited to the following:
Academic Search Ultimate
ATLA Religion Database
Historical Abstracts
Business Source Complete
Education Source
International Political Science Abstracts

Additional databases are from the ProQuest publisher:
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts


Search multiple databases together.

For example, Academic Search Complete, Historical Abstracts, International Political Science Abstracts... can all be searched together.

Once in one database, click on - Choose Databases - to add additional databases.



Proquest Change Databases

Once in results - limit to Academic Journals by using the limits on the left side:

Ebsco Limit Academic Journals

education kenya colonial legacy
economic impact  colonial rule kenya

One way to limit your search is to limit the results to specific  document types by using site:
site:gov  = 
all levels of government and government sponsored research
site org = associations and organizations
site: edu = educational institutions

tanzania site:gov
tanzania education site: gov
tanzania education colonization site:gov
nigeria legacies colonization site:edu

Google Nigeria Legacies Colonization


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