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WMST 298N: Racialized Gender and Rebel Media

Guide to sources for WMST 298N

Search Strategies

Place phrases in quotes
"mental health"
"body image"
"mass media"
"social media"
"sexual violence"
"college students"

Use the * for truncation:
black* = black or blacks
"african american*" = african american or african americans
feminis* = feminism or feminist or feminists
homosexual* = homosexual or  homosexuals
college* = college or colleges
universit* = university or universities
activis* = activism or activist
advertis* = advertise or advertisement or advertisements

use - or - to connect synonyms
lgbt or gay or homosexual or lesbian or queer
black* or "african american*"
tv or television
facebook or internet or twitter or "social media"
college* or universit*
"domestic violence" or "intimate partner violence" or "partner abuse"

use - and - to connect concepts
"body image" and advertising
"body image" and ("mass media" or tv or television) and "self esteem"
menstruation and (advertis* or media or tv or facebook or twitter or television)
racism and "college student*" and (activis* or engagement or "political activity"
"international student*" and "mental health"


Retrieving too many results?
In the EbscoHost databases you can:
1. change the search from Select a Filed to AB Abstract or SU Subject
2. Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
3. Limit date range

Ebsco Change Select a Filed

In the ProQuest databases:
Change search field from the start from Anywhere to either 
Anywhere except fulltxt - ALL
Abstract - AB


In most cases you can search just with first name last name, in quotes:

"shikoh gitau"
"barbara jordan"
"julie dash"
"judith resnik"
"sonia sotomayor"
"loretta lynch"
"bell hooks"
"malala yousafzai"

add additional words:                                                     

and add words relating/describes the woman's profession/ what she is known for:
politics                   law or legal      music
sports                    singer
musician                director

other keywords that describe any related issues
racism                         discrimination
inequality                   "social justice"



possible strategies:
"international students" and "mental health"



possible strategies:
lgbt or gay or lesbian* or homosexual* or queer

"domestic violence" or "domestic abuse" or "intimate partner violence"


possible strategies:
racism and student* and (college* or universit*) 
activis* or "political activity"


possible strategies:
advertis* or tv or television or media


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