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WMST 250: Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art and Culture (C. Snyder)

Guide to resources for WMST 250

Some Search Strategies

Many of the databases follow standard search strategies:
place phrases in quotes:
"birth control"
"performance art"
"reproductive rights"
"marriage equality"
"male privilege"

use truncation for a broader search:
feminis* = feminism or feminist or feminists
women* = women or womens
female* = female or females
lesbian* = lesbian or lesbians
activis* = activism or activist or activists

Think of different ways to say the same thing - OR
tv or television
gay or lesbian* or homosexual* or lgbt
work or employment or job
poem or poetry
policy or policies

Combine concepts - AND
women and wage*
sweatshops and women
sweatshops and women and activis*

Most of the databases allow you to limit by time period.

Most databases allow you to limit the search to a particular field (fulltext, abstract, anywhere but fulltext)
Start with abstract or anywhere but fulltext - then branch to fulltext if you cannot find what you are looking for.

example search in NYT Historical:
Looking for documents about the controversy with abortion on the tv show Maude 
abortion and maude and (television or tv) limit to abstract