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BSCV 191: Introduction to Civicus

Course Guide for BSCV 191

Search Strategies

Always think about different  ways to say the same thing.  Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, look at the abstract and subject headings to identify additional keywords to use.

place phrases in quotes
"rape culture"
"reproductive rights"
"chesapeake bay"
"food deserts"
"wage gap"
"nuclear energy"
"gun control"
"title IX"


use * for truncation
"food desert*"= food desert or food deserts
school* = school or schools
lunch* = lunch or lunches
college* = college or colleges
universit* = university or universities



use - or - to connect synonyms
college* or universit*
"renewable energy" or solar or wind
"wage gap" or "pay gap"
regulation* or legislation or policy or policies
"nuclear energy" or "nuclear power"



use - and - to connect concepts
"gun control" and "2nd amendment"
esol and immigrat* and (regulation* or legislation or policy or policies)
("nuclear power" or "nuclear energy") and health and (safety or risk*)
"food desert*" and solution*


Additional concepts:

"legal rights"

government policy
public opinion