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Black Women's Studies

This guide features information about black feminist/womanist studies.

African American Women Topic Suggestions

Watch the videos below on how to search for information in Credo and Gale online encyclopedias and click on the images to be taken to the site:

Below are possible topics that can be used to search for information.

  • Actors 
  • Art 
  • Cultural Movements 
  • Dance 
  • Family 
  • Fashion 
  • Films 
  • Food 
  • Harlem Renaissance 
  • Historical Timeline 
  • Holidays 
  • Literature
  • Museums 
  • Murders 
  • Music 
  • Musicians 
  • Oral Tradition 
  • Political Leaders Since 1641 
  • Politics 
  • Population 
  • Religion 
  • Sports 
  • Television 



Streaming FIlms

Important Scholars

This is a small sample of influential scholars in the field of African American Studies. For a more extensive list of scholars in the field, check out the PDF file linked below.

Images link to a website about the scholar:

Abdul Alkalimat: Activist, Professor of Library Science at the University of Illinois-Urbana, moderator fo the largest Africana studies discussion list. *Be sure to check out his information on his website as well.

Eliza Valeria Atkins Gleason: The first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in library science from the University of Chicago in 1940.

John Hope Franklin: Historian, reshaped the discipline through his prolific research.

Information about these scholars originated from the AFAS: African American Studies Librarian Section: the Association of College and Research Librarians, the American Library Association, 1981-2011, ALA New Orleans.