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HIST208D Russian History in Art, Music, Literature, and Film

HIST208B Russian History in Art, Music, Literature, and Film

This course undertakes the study of Russian and Soviet history, from Peter the Great to the collapse of the Soviet Union, through art, music, literature, and film. Yet, it is predicated upon a dual purpose: it aims to familiarize students, in broad strokes, with important developments in Russian and Soviet history, but, even more so, to cultivate in students the skills of professional historical research. 

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the principal developments of Russian and Soviet history
  • Engage various forms of historical evidence--art, music, literature--in historical analysis
  • Develop and apply analytical skills toward primary source analysis
  • Gain research and research planning skills in preparation for the final project
  • Evaluate local historical events within the framework of global historical processes 
  • Gain presentation skills in a conference format

How This Guide Can Help

This guide offers a general overview of some of the materials available at UMD that relate to the themes covered in HIST208B. It also includes links to general research help, as well as links to outside resources that may help you in your research. If you have additional questions or suggestions for this guide, please feel free to contact me at

Happy researching!