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Library resources and research tips for ENGL 101 students

Finding Scholarly Sources

Pro tip: Pay attention to "Subject Terms." Think of these as "hashtags" for the database. Use these hashtags to generate additional keywords. 

Not finding what you need in Academic Search Ultimate? No problem! Above the search bar in ACU, click on "Choose Databases." This will bring up a checklist of a variety of databases. Select those you think are relevant and click OK. Rerun your search and you will be able to search all of your chosen databases at once!

Pro tip: JSTOR is a great resource for humanities research. There is a five year gap for when articles get added to the database, so if you are looking for more current information, pick a different database.

Pro tip: Having trouble accessing an article in Google Scholar? Add the UMD Libraries Reload Button to your browser. The Reload Button will refresh the page with your UMD credentials. Never pay for articles! If you still have trouble accessing an article, email

Pro tip: Read the descriptions for the different databases. Some will have scholarly sources, others will have primary sources, data sets, conference presentations, statistics, etc. Make sure you know what you are getting into!

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