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William Shakespeare

This is a guide to important print and electronic sources in for researching William Shakespeare's life, works, and times. The emphasis is on material available from the University of Maryland Libraries but some Internet open sources are also included.

Biography of Shakesepare

Read about Shakespeare's life at the Folger Shakespeare Library web site

Read about the theatre during Shakespeare's Time at the Folger Shakesepeare Library web site.

Biography of Shakespeare

Consult the following for a short biography of Shakespeare:

"Shakespeare, William (1564 - 1616)." The Cambridge Guide to Theater. Ed. Martin Banham. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Credo Reference. Web. 6 Oct 2015.


For full-length biographies of William Shakespeare search Worldcat using the following search terms:

su:william shakespeare biography

Credo Reference

Search Credo Reference for other essays about William Shakesepeare and his time.

Oxford Bibliography

Theatre During Shakespeare's Time - Video by Joyce Sherry