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Finding new music: A guide

This guide is meant to be a resource for college musicians as they search for new works to perform. This is a compilation of a few resources that the library provides, as well as a few suggestions of where to look outside the library

This Page Includes:

-What is Naxos Music Library?

-Creating a Naxos account

-Creating Personal Playlists

-Naxos Mobile

What is Naxos Music Library? (NML)

Naxos Music Library offers more than 1,500,000 tracks for online listening, including Naxos classical, jazz, world-music and historical releases, and Marco Polo and Da Capo catalogues. Naxos Historical, Nostalgia, and Jazz Legends recordings are not available in the United States because of the uncertain legal situation regarding pre-1972 sound recordings.

You must access this database online and set up an individual account before you can use the NML iPod Touch/iPhone app.

Creating a Naxos account

Creating an individual account allows you to create your own playlists and use the NML mobile app.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Click the Playlists tab on the taskbar (located directly below the "Search" field)
  • Sign up for individual account - click the Sign Up button, located to the right hand side of the screen
  • Follow the instructions to create an individual account. A User Guide is available in PDF format on the Playlists page

Naxos Mobile

Accessing Naxos Music Library on iPod Touch/iPhone

  • Download and launch the NML application 
  • Sign in with your username and password. You must have access to a wi-fi network.
  • Search tab: search the NML database for keyword, disc, composition title, composer, or artist. Does not allow on-the-go playlists
  • Recent Additions tab: features new releases and recent additions to the NML catalogue
  • Playlist tab: access granted to existing playlists that are available to all users as well playlists created with individual account
  • More tab: about, FAQ, settings, support information

Creating Personal Playlists


  • [Your Name] Playlists: individual playlists available only to the user by which they were created
  • University of Maryland Playlists: created for Performing Arts Library Previews Blog; available to all users
  • Naxos Music Library Playlists: created by the NML database; available to all users

Creating Personal Playlists

  • Search for keyword, disc, composition title, composer, or artist
  • Click Add to Playlist on left hand side of screen; follow instructions to create playlist
  • Refer to user guide for specific instructions on creating playlists

Did you know?

You can create personal playlists on Naxos and access Naxos from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Read on in the middle column for more info!