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JOUR300 - Journalism Ethics

Guide to resources to support semester assignments for JOUR300.

Topic 1: Plain Dealer

The Plain Dealer is not available at the University of Maryland - either in print or via online databases. The online archives for the Plain Dealer stop in 1999. 

You may request copies of articles through InterLibrary Loan if you are able to locate a specific article title, date, and page number. (InterLibrary Loan will NOT be able to fill a request for an entire day, week or month of the Plain Dealer.) 

Alternatively, the Plain Dealer is available at the Library of Congress in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (LM133). Researchers using the Library of Congress must complete a reader registration process before accessing collections.

Several articles from Cleveland.Com also discuss the story.

Additional resources to consult for this topic include:

Topic 2: Spokesman Review

The Spokesman Review is available online via LexisNexis Academic (see link below).

Additional resources to consult for this topic are listed below the link to LexisNexis Academic.

Topic 3: Wikileaks and the New York Times

This topic is well covered in many Library resources. Suggested sources to try include: