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WMST 200: Women and Society : Research Project

Research guide for WMST 200

Choosing a Topic

Sometimes the hardest aspect of research is deciding what to write about! The following links provide great information on how you might go about choosing a topic and narrowing it down.
In addition, use the following databases for background information / introduction to the topic and debate.

Broad topics and possible research focus:
Women in STEM 
How to increase interest in STEM fields among high school female students?  college female students?
How to keep women in STEM fields by providing a welcoming and sustaining workplace environment? Part-time; flexible scheduling, teleworking, job sharing...
How to attract and increase minority women in STEM fields?

Maternity Leave
What other countries have maternity leave policies and are they successful?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of maternity leave?
Should maternity leave be available for fathers as well as mothers?
Should leave be paid, unpaid? How much time off should mothers, fathers, both parents be entitled to?
Does taking maternity leave affect the infant/child?