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LGBT Studies

Research guide to LGBT Studies

Always think about different  ways to say the same thing.  Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, look at the abstract and subject headings to identify additional keywords to use.

Search Strategies:

Start with keywords 
Place Quotes Around a Phrase:
"marriage equality"
"gay marriage"
"gender role"
"gender identity"
"dont ask don't tell"

Place an * at the end of the word to retrieve all the variations
role* = role or roles
feminis* = feminism or feminist
sex* = sex or sexual or sexism or sexist
homosexual* = homosexual or homosexuals or homosexuality 
lesbian* = lesbian or lesbians
asexual* = asexual or asexuality
college* = college or colleges
universit* = university or universities


combine word/s using connectors.

OR: either term/s are included (to connect synonyms or like concepts)

"gender role" or "gender identity"
gay or homosexual* or lgbt or lesbian*
law or legislation
intersex or intergender
​college* or universit*


AND: all terms must be included (to connect concepts) 
"lgbt adoption" and law
homosexual* and "civil right*"



  Put it all together:
(lgbt or gay or lesbian* or homosexual*) and adoption and (law or legislation)
transgender and (university or college*) and (housing or dorm*)