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First Year Book 2014: Instant: The Story of Polaroid

A guide to the 2014 First Year Book, Instant: The History of Polaroid, by Christopher Bonanos

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Zaida Diaz
5101 McKeldin Library
Subjects:Business, Economics

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Lily Griner
4109 McKeldin Library
Subjects:Business, Economics


Welcome to the LibGuide for UMD's 2014 First Year Book! This resource is intended to give you an introduction to the book: Instant: the Story of Polaroid, by Christopher Bonanos. You will discover the fascinating history and evolution of Polaroid Corporation and it's founder, as well as an overview of the resources available within the UMD Libraries. This guide is by no means all inclusive, but rather serves as a finding aid and starting point for research. If you have any questions feel free to contact the reference librarians listed in this guide. 

Note: This guide was created by Melissa Brennan, a student in the College of Information Studies, as part of a graduate assistantship and under the guidance of Zaida Díaz and Lily Griner.

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Instant: The History of Polaroid

1965 Advert for the Polaroid Swinger

Polaroid Social Buzz

Stay connected. 

Editorial Reviews

"Edwin Land was one of Steve Jobs's first heroes, and this book shows why. He created a startup in a garage that grew into a company that stood at the intersection of creativity and technology. This is a fascinating saga, both inspiring and cautionary, about innovation and visionary leadership." -- Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

"Christopher Bonanos tells Polaroid's story with fluid, energetic prose that mirrors the thrilling arc of the company's story, twining together technology, fine art, business, design and pop culture into a 175-page powerhouse. Whether you pick it up because you loved your old Polaroid camera or because you want to find out why Steve Jobs modeled Apple after the Polaroid company, you'll be delighted by this pithy snapshot of a true American icon." --

"This cultural history of the eccentric camera company-which has fair claim to being the Apple of the '60s-is simultaneously breezy and deeply researched, making it the perfect compulsive reading for design enthusiasts and Instagram addicts alike." --


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