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JOUR702 - Journalism Law and Ethics

Resources to support students taking Journalism 702 - Journalism Law and Ethics

Using LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic is available both on and off-campus. To use the system off-campus, log in using your campus userid/password when prompted.

LexisNexis Advanced Search Aids

On advanced search screens (not in boxes appearing on the main LexisNexis screen) you can use the following search aids to refine your search:

/n command (where “n” equals any number you specify between 2 and 255)
Allows you to specify the number of words that appear between two search terms
George /2 Bush
O’Malley /5 slots

! symbol: truncation (multiple characters)
Example: A search of Econ! will result in entries including terms such as: Economic, Economics, Econometric, Econoline, etc.
[Note: You will need to watch for “false hits” when you use truncation! In the example above, results could also include such terms as Econoline, the automobile.]

* symbol: truncation (single character)
Example: A search of rain* will result in entries with rain, rains, rainy in the search results, but not rained.

At least 5 (search option on advanced search screens)
Allows you to focus on items that mention the search term at least five times – theoretically being a “focus” of the article.

LexisNexis Usage Notes


  • LexisNexis is full-text but does NOT contain charts, tables, graphs or photographs. Articles that originally had these items included within them will indicate this at the end of the record.
  • A permanent link to an article may be copied by clicking on the paper/link icon on the item record. Items can also be emailed, downloaded or printed.