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Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale is a database that indexes scholarly literature on music going back to 1967. It is an international endeavor originally based in France and covers scholarly journals, dissertations, book chapters, conference proceedings, and more.

Searching RILM is similar to searching WorldCat UMD, but the interface looks different. There are some powerful search features available, but you might be able to get by by just using keywords. Try your genre or artist and words like "identity" or "social."

Since RILM is international in scope, you may want to narrow your search to whichever language(s) you are comfortable with:

Some of the articles you find in RILM will include full text, but others will not. For full text, you could see links to PDF, HTML full text, or linked full text:

If full text links do not appear, try clicking the Find It button and a screen will appear providing you with links to the article:

This technique works well for articles and books, but if you come across a dissertation you would like you should try searching in the Dissertations and Theses Global database.

RILM has a lot of nice index terms, or tags, that the editors of the database have applied as an organizational tool. If you find one that is exactly what you need, try clicking the Subjects links to see if any others come up.

You can search RILM and IBTD simultaneously. To do so, first get into one of the databases. Then, click
Choose Databases at the top of the search screen:

Finally, select both databases from the list: