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Classical Music in Video

An introduction to the Alexander Street Press database

What's bookmarked in the toolbar?

If you already know a video is in Classical Music in Video, or if you are looking for a specific performance, you can use the search option.

Alexander Street Press suggests the following search tips for using their database:

Search Tips

Tip 1: Keep searches simple and specific. For example, to find a Washboard band, you only need to enter: washboard.

Tip 2: Try double-checking your spelling before giving up a search.

Tip 3: Word order, case and punctuation are not important. For example, John Coltrane may be entered: Coltrane John

Tip 4: You can enter more than one term in each search box. For instance, if you wish to find all text with either the piano or harmonica, use the Basic search box and enter: piano harmonica

Tip 5: When using the Advanced Search interface, try to use the most appropriate term box for your search.

Tip 6: Enter terms in the singular, e.g. "opera" not "operas"

Tip 7: If your advanced search produces no results, try using a Boolean 'OR' search instead and reducing the number of search terms entered.