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Your Best Request

Learn how to request items through the University Libraries in order to obtain them as quickly as possible.

Tip #2: Choose the Date Needed By.

When you place a request, you are required to provide a Date Needed By.   Think about when you need the item in order to use it (whether one week, one semester, or one year), and tell us!  You can either type the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format or use the calendar feature to select it.   


We process requests in the order they are received, so an extended Date Needed By won’t slow down the processing of your request, nor will providing a date in the near future speed it up.  However, we do cancel requests after the Date Needed By has passed to avoid spending time and money acquiring an item that you will no longer use.    

Please be realistic when adjusting the Date Needed By.  Most requests require at least:

  • 2 business days for copies
  • 1 week for loans