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String Pedagogy

What it is

WorldCat UMD is the primary catalog for the University of Maryland's Libraries. It searches all the books, CDs, and DVDs we own (and a lot of other things as well). In addition, WorldCat UMD searches some of our subscription article databases automatically, so you will find articles here as well. Depending on your topic and how deep you want to go, you might find everything you need right here.

WorldCat UMD is what you search if you use the search box on the Libraries Home Page. The search box looks like this:

Searching WorldCat UMD

You can search WorldCat UMD just like searching Google. Just start by throwing some words in there.

For pedagogy resources, here are some useful subject terms WorldCat UMD uses:

"Instruction and study"
"Studies and exercises"

You can combine any of these with your chosen instrument or use "bowed stringed instruments" for more general resources.

Note: WorldCat UMD and other library catalogs can be very picky about terminology. For cello, use the full name: violoncello. For bass, use "double bass."

Helpful Subject Headings

Subject headings allow you to search and browse through different genres and types of music. Here's a list of some subject headings in WorldCat that you might find helpful:

Instrument music
Instrument -- Instruction and study
Instrument -- Methods 
Instrument -- Studies and exercises
Instrument -- Bowing
Instrument -- Bibliography

To start searching just replace the subject headings above with your instrument of choice (remember to use violoncello and double bass). Use "Bowed stringed instruments" in place of a specific instrument for general string instrument materials. "String Quartets" or other common ensembles can also replace a specific instrument to find various instrument ensemble materials.

Start Searching

Search for items in the UMD Libraries:
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