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String Pedagogy

Browsing the Shelf

Sometimes it's nice just to browse through the music available in the library for a specific instrument. Unfortunately, doing so isn't very intuitive.

All the music in the library is arranged using the Library of Congress call number system. If you want to look up where a particular combination of instruments is shelved, you can look it up in a book with the bizarre title Library of Congress classification. M. Music. It's in the reference section:

Over time you will likely learn where music for your own instrument is shelved just through experience.

In general, the arrangement is as follows:

M100-199: solo instrument
M200-299: duets
M300-399: trios

etc. up to:

M900-999: nonets

M1000s are for large ensembles (orchestra, band)

M1495 and above is vocal music

See the list below for some commonly-used call number ranges

Some good call numbers to know

Solo instrument:

Violin: M40-44
Viola: M45-49
Violoncello: M50-54
Double bass: M55-58

Solo with piano:

Violin: M217-223
Viola: M224-228
Violoncello: M229-236
Double bass: M237-238

Two stringed instruments: M286-287

One stringed and one wind instrument: M290-M291

One stringed and one plucked instrument: M294-295

Piano trios (piano, violin or viola, and violoncello): M312

String trios: M349-353

String quartets: M452-454

String quintets: M550-M554

Solo instrument with orchestra:

Violin: M1012-1013
Viola: M1014-1015
Violoncello: M1016-1017
Double bass: M1018

How to Browse the Shelf in the Online Catalog

Did you know that there are two different interfaces to search the UMD Catalog?

There is the WorldCat interface you are probably familiar with:


And there is the Classic Catalog interface:

In order to search by call number and browse items that are on the shelf electronically you will need to use the Classic Catalog.

To get to the Classic Catalog click on this link or go to the UMD's Libraries Homapge and select the Classic Catlog.

By using the Classic Catalog, you can narrow your search immediately to call numbers.

Here is what the search results look like when searching the call number range: M237-238:

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